Workout of the Month: Weighted Abs Exercises

Workout of the Month: Weighted Abs Exercises

Abs are the centerpiece of your physique. Aesthetics aside, the stronger they are, the greater your athletic performance: You’ll run faster and lift heavier. To level up your core strength, add weighted abs exercises. Rather than a blitz, this workout prioritizes “control and time under tension,” says Chase Weber, celebrity trainer and founder of THR33 Active CBD cream. Your whole body is recruited for stability, but your abs will be screaming.



Directions: Perform straight sets, following prescribed reps and sets for each move. Rest 30 seconds between sets and 60 seconds between exercises. Repeat workout 3 times a week—twice as a finisher for full body or split routines, and once on a recovery day.

Weighted Hyperextensions Marius Bugge

1. Weighted Hyperextensions

How to do it: Lock yourself into a hyperextension or glute-ham machine, feet anchored, hips over pad. Hug a weight plate at chest and bend at hips to lower and lift slowly for counts of 2, squeezing glutes to protect low back at top. You can also use a heavy resistance band: Strap it underneath the hyperextension machine, then wrap the top against the back of your neck, holding the band in place with hands.

Prescription: 4 x 15 reps

Weighted Copenhagen Plank 
Weighted Copenhagen Plank Marius Bugge

2. Weighted Copenhagen Plank

How to do it: Position a bench or stool down by your feet. (You don’t want it to be too tall since you’re performing an elevated side plank from your forearm.) Lie on your left side, left forearm planted on floor inside of right foot resting on top of bench. Hold a 25-pound weight plate or vest on the side of your top hip. Raise your body off the floor, supporting your weight with your right foot and left forearm. Pro tip: Make it harder by performing slow-tempo hip dips.

Prescription: 5 x 60 seconds each side

Side Plank Cable Reach-Through
Side Plank Cable Reach-Through Marius Bugge

3. Kettlebell Plank Sweeps

How to do it: Hold a high plank with a kettlebell just outside your left hand. Reach under your torso to grab the kettlebell with your right hand and “sweep” or drag the KB back and forth with a full range of motion. Keep your core tight, glutes engaged, and hips level. Your obliques should power this exercise.

Prescription: 4 x 60 seconds each side

4. Side Plank Cable Reach-Through (shown above)

How to do it: Begin in a side plank on your left forearm with your back to the cable machine. Thread your right arm under your body to grab the handle of the attachment. Brace your core as you extend your arm, pulling the cable until your arm is fully extended, soft bend in elbow, squeezing glutes at top. Pause briefly, then reverse the motion. Move slow and controlled.

Prescription: 4 x 60 seconds each side

Rocking Crunches
Rocking Crunches Marius Bugge

5. Rocking Crunches

How to do it: Use elbows to squeeze two 5-pound plates flat against top of thighs, just above knees. Rock back and forth without letting the plates slide. If that’s too challenging, use a yoga block.

Prescription: 5 x 60 seconds

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