Where to Rent RVs and Outdoor Adventuremobile Vans

Where to Rent RVs and Outdoor Adventuremobile Vans

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The longer days and warmer temperatures of spring make it a perfect time to hit the road and explore before summer crowds arrive. While camping during springtime can be a bit of a gamble, with inclement weather and cold nights, a fully outfitted adventuremobile can take you and your squad wherever you want to go—and keep everyone warm and dry. Before selling your house and going all in on #vanlife though, it’s worth considering renting the perfect camper van or RV for your next road trip. Depending on the type of trip you’re planning, the destinations you hope to explore, and the number of people in your adventure pod, there’s a bunch of different options available out there when it comes to renting the perfect rig. Here are a few of our favorites that are worth checking out.


Rental Locations: Los Angeles, Las Vegas, San Francisco, Portland, Seattle, Salt Lake City, Denver, Phoenix, Atlanta, Miami, New York
Escape Camper Vans offer a more standardized fleet with the added benefit of being able to pick up a van at one of its hub cities and drop it off in a different city after your trip, along with offering some of the most competitive pricing options available. Rates start at $33/day in the low season but vary depending on the vehicle model, time of year, pick-up/drop-off location, and the length of your trip. Founded in 2009 by Rob Mewton—an entrepreneur, surfer, and traveler from New Zealand—Escape Camper Vans currently has 13 locations in the U.S. and over 600 vans in operation. All of the vans are fairly basic, offering the bare essentials allowing you to hit the road and call home wherever you park it without overstuffing the rig with stuff you don’t need. They also offer local knowledge and travel tips. In true Kiwi style, each of the vans is covered with bright, custom artwork that help personalize the vans and the renter’s experience while serving as conversation pieces to help you meet fellow vagabond travelers. –KD


Rental Locations: Jackson (Wyoming), Whitefish (Montana), San Francisco, Salt Lake City, Las Vegas
Moterra vans
Born in Jackson, Wyoming, Monterra Campervans now offer all-inclusive luxury Sprinter vans in five different cities across the western United States. Everything you need to live the vanlife is included in the van rentals, and both pop-tops and high roof Sprinter models are available. The pop-tops can sleep four with two double beds and the high roof vans sleep two comfortably and also have a full kitchen and optional bathroom available. All of Monterra’s Sprinters have been built out by Sportsmobile and are three years old or less. One thing that separates Monterra from other van rental companies is that they offer fully customized itineraries if you want to take the stress out of planning your road trip. Prices start at $339/night.  –KD

Rental Locations: Laguna Niguel, CA; Las Vegas; Denver
Adventure Travel Sports Rental
If you’re looking to take your adventure-ready rental rig off-road, check out Denver, Colorado, based Adventure Travel Sports Rentals. They rent truck campers like the Tiger Bengal CX 4×4, SUV’s, Winnebagos, and Sportsmobiles—all of which are built tough and set up with full-on 4×4 capabilities. Each rental includes everything you need to get off the beaten path, like cookware, sleeping bags, and a stove, and every rig is also four-season ready equipped with AC and heat. Additional non-essential items like ski and snowboard racks, fly rod cases, even backpacks and tents, are available for rent. Depending on the vehicle you choose and length of your trip, rates range between $150-$350/day and include 150 miles/day. Some vehicles are only available for rent at a specific location, so make sure to check their inventory online to find the right rig and location for your trip. –KD


Rental Location: Costa Mesa, CA (Los Angeles Area)

Vintage Safari Wagons

The perfect vintage van for cruising up and down California’s iconic Pacific Coast Highway, the iconic VW Bus has been imitated often but never duplicated. Vintage Safari Wagons, based in Orange County, CA, have an entire fleet of classic VW buses, Vanagons, and Eurovans for rent. From 1970s models to the more modern 2000s-era Euro Vans and everything in between. Each van has its own individual style and personality, with most of them sporting revamped interiors, although there are a couple beauties still rocking stock interiors that are in excellent condition. Daily rates during the low season range from $129-$169/day with high season rates of $149-$169/day. –KD 


Best For: Weekend Warriors

Outdoorsy RV rental
The Air BnB of homes-on-wheels, this platform connects a community of like-minded RV owners and renters for a completely customizable experience. Whether you’re searching for a super-targeted rig or simply browsing the myriad eclectic ensembles on offer, Outdoorsy is the perfect destination (both online and app) to discover your next adventure vehicle for a whimsical weekend with your lover. Pick your passion: from roof-top tents on Tacomas to tear-drop towing for your Subaru. So if you’ve been dying to dip your toes into #vanlife or go grande with a 40-foot behemoth, it’s all there within a searchable radius.

New to the RV game? Don’t fret, Outdoorsy offers its own insurance policy and roadside assistance too. And the platform ensures that owners remain hyper-conscious about COVID protocols and thorough cleaning. And since you can rate your personal experience with each specific community member, owners tend to be very responsive via email and, during pick-up, eager to guide you through the intricacies of their specific rig. So next time you find yourself muted on another marathon Zoom meeting, click around covertly on Outdoorsy to find the perfect rig for your next romantic road trip. –MC


Best For: Pet-Friendly Luxury
Chill RV 

Rental Location: Greater Los Angeles Area
ChillRV rental
Most pet owners would argue that furry friends are family members too. And while some luxury RV outfitters deny animals, the folks at Chill RV are, well, pretty chill when it comes to welcoming Fido along on your road trip (after a one-time $100 fee). This is especially awesome considering their fleet of 16 adventure vans (19-foot) and swanky RVs (25-foot) are all 2019 models or newer, with most being plush Winnebago Mercedes Benz-chassis options. Chill RV’s deluxe setups come equipped with everything you need (including an iPad with video tutorials on operation and troubleshooting) and nothing you don’t. They even offer delivery options depending on your embarkation point. But what stands out the most is the comfort and splendor they bring to life on the road — both for you and your loyal co-pilot. Plus, the Class C-size is surprisingly easy to maneuver on most city streets. And once parked in nature, the pop-out sides transform these beauties into an opulent respite, safe from whatever springtime weather happens to be walloping the Great Outdoors. Five-star luxury does, however, come at a cost; most Chill RV rigs are somewhere north of $300/day. –MC

Best For: Doing Your Research
Go RVing 

family RV vacation

If you’re interested in dropping the hammer and purchasing an RV, do yourself a favor and do some research to find out which type is best for you. With thousands of RVs to choose from, you can explore different models, layouts, and sizes to get a feel for what you’re comfortable driving, what exterior and interior features are must-haves, and which ones are superfluous and unnecessary, all before signing the dotted line. Having represented the RV industry for over two decades, Go RVing’s mission is a simple one: connecting RV consumers to RV manufacturers, dealers, and campgrounds to help simplify the RV user’s experience, and to spread the message that RVing is for every type of driver and adventure. The Go RVing site is a one-stop resource that helps you compare the different types of RVs available on the market, pointing out what makes each one different and how that correlates to the activities and trips you’re planning to launch with one. It also helps point you toward the right rental agency or dealership—plus buckets of inspiration and stories from other RVers’ adventures on the open road.


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