What’s Grilling This Summer? We Have the Answers

What's Grilling This Summer? We Have the Answers

The smells of summer are back! And this summer we’re planning to celebrate even more with friends and family. With Father’s Day around the corner, along with the official start of summer, many of us have dusted off our grilling tools, hung up our favorite aprons and started thinking about all the delicious things we’re ready to grill.

Men’s Journal was given some unique insights into how Americans plan to grill this summer. A Harris Poll was fielded for Omaha Steaks, getting to the meat of the matter including what we love to grill, why we love to grill, and what Dad is really looking forward to this Father’s Day (hint, it rhymes with eat). Before we supply some expert tips on how to step up your grilling this summer, here’s some insight of what’s on our minds when it comes to our trusty companion — the grill.

Getting Back to Our Grill is the #1 Priority

After a year of lockdowns, restrictions and other limitations, the one thing we’re looking forward to most (well, besides seeing those loved ones and friends we may not have been able to see) is getting back in front of our cherished grills.  And boy do we ever plan on getting the most out of our grills this summer. In fact, according to the Harris Poll, Americans are eager to get back to outdoor grilling with the majority (92%) planning to grill more or the same in 2021 compared to 2020. And we’re not just grilling for us, two-thirds of Americans are planning to go big on summer holidays this year, particularly for those that were missed out on last year. And it’s not just the holidays beckoning us to fire up the grills, 63% of Americans claim they don’t need a special occasion to enjoy grilling.


What Are We Grilling These Days?

It’s no surprise, meat rules the roost when it comes to what’s on our grills. According to the poll, burgers (82%) top the list for favorite foods to grill followed by chicken (79%) and steak (78%).  A whopping 50% of Americans said they eat burgers at least once a week, with more than half claiming they can “eat burgers every day” and one in four Americans proclaiming, “they can’t live without them.” However, it’s not all burgers all the time. 70% of Americans say they are actively “looking for a variety of different meats to grill.”

However, when it comes to other items we’ve put on the flames, 62% of Americans have never grilled lamb, 36% have never grilled seafood, 30% haven’t put fire to their veggies and a shocking 20% of Americans have never grilled ribs, so when it comes to expanding what’s under our tongs and spatulas, there are lots of things to explore.

Chef David Rose, executive chef for Omaha Steaks, has a few helpful recipes for those looking to expand their repertoire this summer.

Chef David Rose

Why Do We Love Burgers So Much?

How do we love thee? Let us count the ways. 80% of Americans say burgers are their favorite food. Why is the burger so iconic and essential for Americans?  Well, for starters, 79% of Americans claim burgers are nostalgic for them. While others find them nutritious (74%). But when it comes to the burger game its the variety of ways you can get creative that gets us excited. 44% of Americans like how they can get inventive with toppings, while 41% know they are a crowd pleaser. Comforting, inexpensive, handheld and customizable are just some of the many reasons we can’t get enough burgers in our lives and in our mouths.

Omaha Steaks

The Masters of Our Domain. Or Are We?

With 85% of Americans looking forward to grilling or smoking this summer, odds are you’re already planning what’s going to be on the menu and in the mouths of your guests. But that doesn’t mean you are ready to declare yourselves king (or queen) of the grill. In fact, only 16% of Americans are self-proclaimed grill masters and only 9% consider themselves expert grillers. What’s with the lack of mastery despite all the grilling we’re doing? For starters, Americans make an average of 2 mistakes each time they fire up the grill, with overcooking (31%) and flipping too soon or too often (27%) as leading missteps.

Other excuses we make for not finding perfection on the grill? Seasoning (over seasoning or not seasoning enough), food sticking, improper temperature of our meat, or not using a quality meat being among the downfalls experienced on the grill.

Luckily, Omaha Steaks has tips and tricks for grilling burgers, steaks, chicken and more to help spice up your grilling variety this summer.

Chef David Rose

What Does Dad Want for Father’s Day?

Office attire and neck ties obviously took a backseat this past year with more time being spent working from home. But now that things are getting slowly back to normal it doesn’t mean Dad is looking for new tools, gift cards or a day on the golf course. What he really craves is time getting together with family. Oh, and meat of course. Meat is the #1 ingredient Americans want when it comes to celebrating with time at the grill.

When it comes to Dad and his fabled love of grilling, well, there’s nothing but truth to that. In fact, 81% of Americans state their Dad enjoys grilling, and 35% say their Dad “loves it.” So it’s no surprise that when it comes to what they really want, 35% of Dads say they want a steak dinner this Father’s Day. Another 44% say they are looking forward to quality time with family and friends most. It’s clear the best gift you can really gift the father figure in your life is your company, and some meat.

Thankfully Omaha Steaks has just the collection Dad is guaranteed to love, including the exquisite Private Reserve Boneless New York Strip, the ultimate griller’s steak.

omaha steaks

What Else Does Dad Want? A Vacation. Make That a Steakation!

That’s right. A Steakation. Omaha Steaks has created the ultimate experience for the meat lovers in your life (and yourself). This once-in-a-lifetime opportunity includes staying in an “all-beef all-the-time environment” during Father’s Day weekend in the heart of steak country itself — Omaha, NE.

Omaha Steaks

That’s right. Beef is everywhere. From decor and design elements that include steak-themed bedding and artwork to a kitchen stocked with a variety of Omaha Steaks, this is the steak lover’s dream come true. This opportunity will provide you and a few of your closest steak loving friends (or family, who are we to judge?), access to a unique culinary experience along with Omaha Steaks products delivered to their homes for the entire year.

Omaha Steaks

Sounds too good to be true? Visit OmahaSteakation.com for details and rules on how to enter. But hurry, the deadline to enter to win this unbelievable experience is June 3.


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