Watch of the Week: TAG Heuer Connected Golf Edition

Watch of the Week: TAG Heuer Connected Golf Edition

Can a watch improve your golf game? While a good set of clubs and quality shoes might top your list of must-have gear, TAG Heuer’s latest golf watch makes a strong case for inclusion. The TAG Heuer Connected Golf Edition, first released in June 2020, is back with some key updates to help you get the most out of your time on the course.



“Building on the successful 2020 launch of the Connected Golf Edition, the latest update features continued improvements that solidify TAG Heuer’s place in the golf industry,” says Men’s Journal Fashion Editor Kevin Breen.

The newest Connected Golf Edition comes with several new features that’ll give you more insight into your game and the course you’re playing on. First, TAG Heuer has introduced improved mapping for over 40,000 courses around the world on both the watch and its companion app. The interactive 2D course maps on the watch now display added details as small as a single tree, so you can get a thorough report on potential hazards right from the tee box.

The app offers even more functionality: There, you can browse 3D renderings of the course with upgraded textures to bring elements like water hazards and fairways to life right on your phone. And iOS users get an added bonus: When you use the watch’s shot-tracking feature, the app will generate a simulated shot trajectory, so you can see exactly how your shots traveled through the course.

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The TAG Heuer Connected Golf Edition will even help you pick out the right clubs. The upgraded version comes with a unique club recommendation tool: Just pick out a target on the map, and the app will suggest a club based on the distance of your shot. To personalize your recs, you can adjust the distances for each of your clubs, and the watch will use your previous shot-tracking data to customize the club recommendations even further. The Connected Golf Edition also comes with enhanced scoring—now available in stroke play, stableford, or match play. Who needs a caddy? You’ll have all the golf wisdom you need right on your wrist.

Of course, you’ll still get the key features found on the previous version of the Connected Golf Edition. Major highlights include the Driving Zone function, which shows the landing zone of previous tee shots to help you adjust your drives, and the innovative shot tracking function: Press the watch’s pusher and walk to your ball to measure your shot distance. And with its built-in GPS tracking, message notifications, and Google Pay compatibility, this watch is built for day-to-day wear off the course, too.

On the surface, the Connected Golf Edition serves up a clean look and adds a touch of sporty style to any golfing outfit. The black 45mm titanium case is lightweight and sleek, and TAG Heuer managed to work in some subtle visual references to golfing as well. The case comes engraved with 18 graduations representing each hole of a golf course, and the dimpled white rubber strap is a playful nod to the texture of a golf ball. You can also swap it for a perforated black rubber strap—ideal for evening wear or a more toned-down appearance.

A golf watch that’s versatile enough to wear every day? That might be the Connected Golf Edition’s biggest selling point.


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