Watch of the Week: Grand Seiko Quartz GMT

Watch of the Week: Grand Seiko Quartz GMT

GMT watches allow you to view the current time in multiple time zones, representing a landmark achievement in mechanical watch design. Whether you’re a pilot or just trying to keep in touch with friends around the globe, it’s hard to beat the accuracy and reliability of a quartz timepiece. And that’s part of what makes the new Grand Seiko Quartz GMT—released in honor of Seiko’s 140th anniversary—so unique: It combines a hyper-accurate quartz movement with a standout design that holds up favorably against more traditional competitors.



While the overall design of the watch is understated, it rewards a closer look. The 40mm steel case features surfaces that are Zaratsu polished (a special process that Seiko developed to create flawless mirrored finishes), a black dial with silver indices, and a handsome black ceramic bezel with 24-hour markings and gold accents. The gold stands out boldly on the bezel, and it serves an important purpose too: The gold inner band along the bottom half of the bezel indicates daylight hours in the secondary time zone—a subtle but useful feature that’ll help you stay in sync with loved ones far away.

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The hands and indices are coated in Lumibrite for exceptional visibility, and the gold GMT hand even features a different shade of Lumibrite, which makes the watch much easier to read in the dark. The watch is water-resistant to 200 meters, and the ceramic bezel is nearly impossible to scratch.

A few more surprises are hiding on the case back. Flip it over, and you’ll find a lion emblem made from 18k yellow gold along with the watch’s individual serial number. Seiko will make just 2,021 of these timepieces—a reference to the company’s 140 years of watchmaking.

Grand Seiko Quartz GMT
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Seiko has long been renowned for its excellent quartz movements, and Grand Seiko Quartz GMT is no different. A caliber 9F86 movement powers the watch, and it offers outstanding accuracy: just plus or minus 10 seconds per year. No mechanical timepiece can come close to that kind of reliability.

With its appealing design and impeccable performance, this watch proves that quartz-powered timepieces are worth collecting too.


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