Valentine’s Day Gifts She Actually Wants to Receive

Valentine's Day Gifts She Actually Wants to Receive

This isn’t the year for last-minute getaways, romantic restaurant dinners, or huge splurges. But that isn’t a free pass to fall back on tried-and-tired Valentine’s Day gifts like chocolates, wine, and roses. Not that any woman would say no to them, but just a little bit of effort and creativity can go a lot further—and make those you love feel way more appreciated.

Whether you’re getting a jump start on gifting or you waited until the last minute, skip cheesy heart patterns and pink-and-red hues for these practical but cool Valentine’s Day gifts we guarantee your girlfriend, wife, mother, friend (anyone really) will use year-round.

Vertly Bath Salts Courtesy Image

Valentine’s Day Gifts She Actually Wants to Receive This Year

1. Vertly Bath Salts

Gift her an at-home spa experience with CBD-infused bath salts. The CBD won’t make her high, but it will soothe aches and pains, smooth skin and—along with mineral-rich Dead Sea salts and calming essential oils like lemongrass, clary sage, and ginger—create an environment so chill she might feel like she’s having a transcendental experience.


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Ombraz Leggero Armless Sunglasses
Ombraz Leggero Armless Sunglasses Courtesy Image

2. Ombraz Leggero Armless Sunglasses

Swap out your adventure buddy’s standard shades for these armless sunglasses. Ombraz uses a built-in elastic cord security system to keep them from sliding or bouncing around during even the most aggressive activities. Even better: The polarized lenses are scratch-resistant and basically flat, so they won’t get banged up if carelessly tossed in a pack.


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Theragun Mini (red)
Theragun Mini (red) Courtesy Image

3. Theragun Mini (red)

Any athlete would love a Theragun Mini—a six-inch, one-and-a-half-pound percussion gun that can go literally anywhere they work out. For Valentine’s Day, pick up the limited-edition deep red color (part of the proceeds go toward COVID-19 relief efforts as well as HIV/AIDS programs). Bonus points if you get the TheraOne Soothe oil for at-home massages.


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Uncommon Goods Make Your Own Hot Sauce Kit
Uncommon Goods Make Your Own Hot Sauce Kit Courtesy Image

4. Make Your Own Hot Sauce Kit

Spice up date night with a DIY hot sauce kit. You can whip up full-bodied sauces like cayenne, ancho, curry, and chili spice with or without the included peppers, vinegars, and garlic. Do it together for a fun project before you cook dinner.


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Yaasa Weighted Blanket
Yaasa Weighted Blanket Courtesy Image

5. Yaasa Weighted Blanket

Weighted blankets mimic the feeling of being hugged, held, or swaddled—which make it the perfect gift for her when you’re not around. That extra weight also helps calm the nervous system, which anyone who made it through 2020 will appreciate. Just remember she gets first dibs next time the news makes you both want to take cover.


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Homesick Love Letters Candle
Homesick Love Letters Candle Courtesy Image

6. Homesick Love Letters Candle

Maybe you’re not the most eloquent. In lieu of actual love letters, this sweet-smelling soy wax candle gives off notes of lemon and sandalwood as well as rose petals and peonies. If you’re feeling inspired, you can add a personalized note to the back of the candle for an extra $15.


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Outdoor Research Tundra Aerogel Booties
Outdoor Research Tundra Aerogel Booties Courtesy Image

7. Outdoor Research Tundra Aerogel Booties

If sleeping bag coats were all the rage in 2020, 2021 is the year of sleeping bag shoes. Whether she’s wearing these puffy boots on a winter camping trip or just on a brewery patio in February, she’ll love how the NASA-approved insulation protects against the elements (even when wet!) and the cinched tops keep out the cold.


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National Park Pass
National Park Pass Courtesy Image

8. National Park Pass

International travel may still be iffy in 2021, but road trips are on the rise. The U.S. Park Pass grants access to more than 2,000 parks across the U.S., including Grand Canyon, Arches, Yosemite, Zion, Death Valley, Bryce Canyon, Acadia, Glacier, and Joshua Tree National Parks. Who says traveling closer to home can’t be just as romantic as an island getaway?


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FLIKR Fire Personal Concrete Fireplace
FLIKR Fire Personal Concrete Fireplace Courtesy Image

9. FLIKR Fire Personal Concrete Fireplace

So maybe you aren’t snuggling up and roasting s’mores by a romantic campfire in the woods or even on a hotel patio, but you can bring the fire inside with this tabletop blaze. It’s made from a cement material that doesn’t overheat or break down and, because it uses isopropyl alcohol to burn, it won’t cover the house in soot. Win-win!


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Lululemon Energy Bra
Lululemon Energy Bra Courtesy Image

10. Lululemon Energy Bra

Forget sexy lingerie; women are living in their activewear right now. Chances are, your partner will much prefer a strappy sports bra that fits like a second skin and can stand up to Peloton rides and neighborhood runs. Go the extra mile yourself and get her the matching Wunder Under high-rise leggings.


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Goody Mobile Gifting
Goody Mobile Gifting Courtesy Image

11. Goody Mobile Gifting

If you’re a chronic last-minute shopper, this ingenious app makes gifting a breeze—no matter the holiday or occasion. Download the Goody app, select a gift (options include minimalist jewelry from Mejuri, Le Labo fragrances, Milk Bar treats, thousands of trending books, UrbanStems flowers, and so much more), then enter your recipient’s phone number, write a note/card, and send. You won’t be charged until your recipient virtually unwraps their gift and chooses to accept (they can opt to pick something else if, say, they want macarons instead of cupcakes). It’s gifting from afar made easy.

[Prices vary;]

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Forevermark Avaanti Open Ring
Forevermark Avaanti Open Ring Courtesy Image

12. Forevermark Avaanti Open Ring

Should you want to splurge on jewelry, opt for something timeless yet intriguing like this cuff-like ring. It draws inspiration from a diamond’s culet—the pointed peak where the diamond’s facets meet the bottom of the pavilion. Opt among 18k yellow, white, or rose gold. All feature a solitaire Forevermark diamond at one end. It’s everything an eye-catching piece of jewelry should be.


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Bose Sport Earbuds
Bose Sport Earbuds Courtesy Image

13. Bose Sport Earbuds

You don’t get anything but quality from Bose, and their sport earbuds are no exception. High-efficiency drivers like you’d get from surround-sound speakers have been specially crafted in a patented design to deliver big, beautiful sound. They’re durable as hell, sweat- and water-resistant, and offer crystal clear audio for phone calls (on both ends).


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