Top 3 Ketogenic Supplements For Weight Loss

Top 3 Ketogenic Supplements For Weight Loss

Keto Diet pills are meant to complement the effects of following a keto diet and are known to offer users quick, effective results. The Keto diet allows your body to burn fats in place of carbs to release energy instead of using carbs. 

Most people find this diet restrictive and extremely difficult to follow, considering carbs are a staple part of nearly every diet in the world. A low carb diet that is heavy on protein & fat can be hard on your body and can cause keto flu, dehydration & leg cramps. 

This is where pills come in. These keto pills help in countering the side effects of a keto diet. Since there are various brands producing keto diet pills today, we’ve compiled only the best ones for you in this article. 

In the following sections, we’ll take you through our top picks for keto diet pills and briefly discuss ketone BHB capsules as well.  

Top 3 Best Keto Diet Pills For Weight Loss of 2021:

#1. Keto Charge – Overall Best Keto Weight Loss Pills

Brand Overview 

Keto Charge is certainly a highly popular and trustworthy product that has been around for quite some time now. 

The brand strongly believes in providing its wide range of customers with some quality ketone supplements that accelerate weight loss. 

This brand ensures that it uses good quality ingredients in a formula that are known to complement the keto lifestyle perfectly. 

Besides, this brand offers you a 100%5 money-back guarantee if you’re not happy with their product within 60 days of purchase. They also offer free shipping and flexible payment options. 


Following are the pros of these keto diet pills:

  • They help users release energy by converting healthy salts into electrolytes 
  • They can help users with sleeping problems sleep better 
  • They complement the keto diet perfectly 
  • You don’t need a medical prescription to purchase them 
  • They come with a 60-day money-back guarantee 
  • They contain some very powerful natural ingredients 
  • They help users steer clear of the symptoms of keto flu


Following are the cons of these keto diet pills:

  • Not much information is available online on the company that produces these pills
  • They contain soluble corn fiber which might cause minor digestive issues among some people 


Now for the main features of this diet supplement. Keto Charge essentially contains a host of healthy salts that effectively turn into electrolytes once they enter your body. 

In doing so, they help your body release energy – energy that would otherwise have to be obtained from consuming carbohydrates. This is why these pills are considered to be ideal for those following the keto diet. 

This supplement is available in the form of gelatin capsules that contain various natural ingredients contained in most keto capsules. 

A major benefit of consuming these capsules before bedtime is that they are a healthy source of glycine amino acid. This acid is known to help improve sleeping patterns among users, especially those who regularly face trouble sleeping. 

Another great advantage of using these capsules is that it essentially eliminates the risk of users developing keto flu or experiencing any noticeable symptoms of the same. 

Some of the main symptoms of keto flu are brain fog and reduced blood sugar levels and these capsules help you steer clear of suffering from the same. It mainly achieves this by boosting the level of electrolytes in your body which helps your body cope well enough with the absence of a shortage of carbs. 

They contain some of the most powerful ingredients known to complement weight loss and fat-burning such as L-Aspartic acid that boosts the level of amino acids in your body. They also contain BHBH supplements such as calcium BHB and sodium BHB that are used quite frequently in kept diet pills these days.

While using these pills alone are not enough to help you burn fat quickly, they can accelerate your weight loss journey – no question about it. They come with a 60-day, no-questions-asked money-back guarantee as well. 

Therefore, if you’re not happy with your purchase, you can simply reach out to a customer support executive within the stipulated period and initiate a refund request. They’ll refund the money you paid for the product minus the shipping fees within a few days.

User Reviews 

After poring over reviews on the brand’s official website and other keto forums online, we’ve concluded that these pills are mainly effective at helping users achieve quick weight loss results. 

Those following low carb diets such as the keto diet often struggle to keep their energy levels up and these pills seem to make up for this deficiency more than adequately, at least according to their faithful users. 

Also, we noticed that those who use these pills routinely are pleased with how well it allows them to release energy despite being on a calorie-deficit diet. 

Being able to keep their energy levels up throughout the day lets them stay on top of their tasks – and the importance of this is not lost on them.

Click Here to Visit the Official Website of Keto Charge

#2. Real Ketones – Best Night Time Suppressant 

Blue Ribbon Group

Brand Overview 

Real Ketones was founded in the year 2013 by Rob Rogers and Gary Millet who wished to bring keto supplements to the forefront of fitness solutions. While it may seem like this brand doesn’t have too much experience, this couldn’t be farther than the truth. 

Back in 2013 most brands who produced weight loss supplements weren’t even considering producing keto supplements. Therefore, this brand established itself in the industry as a forward-thinking producer of quality ketone supplementation early on.

Real Ketones has been able to prove that using keto supplements can greatly contribute towards helping users follow a healthier lifestyle overall. 

The founders firmly believed that following a healthy diet has several health benefits, including lessening people’s susceptibility to falling prey to illnesses. One of the many discoveries the founders of this brand have made is that the human body prefers keto as a fuel over glucose – contrary to popular belief. 

Their discovery led to scores of people leaving sugar and its harmful effects behind to allow their bodies to use a cleaner, healthier source of energy. 

One of the many ways in which this brand can ensure it provides its customers with the highest quality products is that it keeps a firm hand on its supply chain and manufacturing processes. The company follows the safety standards set down by GARS, which contributes to its reliability. 

This brand currently focuses on providing scores of users around the world today with the most powerful ketone supplements to help foster a clean and healthy lifestyle. Their products are often created concerning the latest findings in clinical research and make use of only the best ingredients to provide users with quick results. 

As a consequence, most users have found that their products have little to no side effects despite offering great benefits. 


Following are the pros of these keto diet pills:

  • They contain a powerful dosage of D-BHB
  • They’re quite affordable
  • They contain an impressive amount of melatonin 
  • They come with a 100% money-back guarantee 
  • The brand has its products third-party tested 
  • The brand is highly reputed and has years of experience in the keto supplements industry 
  • They are known to help users sleep better and burn fat while they sleep
  • They are medically proven to have little to no side effects


Following are the cons of these keto diet pills:

  • They only display noticeable results in those who have trouble sleeping 
  • They don’t work very well as appetite suppressants alone 


Real Ketones pills are specially designed to help users lose weight quickly and get a good night’s sleep. Since most keto supplements focus on helping using release energy, these supplements are a breath of fresh air. 

These pills contain D-BHB, a bioidentical ketone that’s known to have many weight loss benefits. They also contain a good dose of melatonin that can help you sleep better. 

The reason these weight loss pills are so popular is that they make it easier for users to engage in intermittent fasting. How? Well, they help you suppress your appetite and junk cravings, especially when these target you at night. 

Therefore, with the help of these pills, you’ll find that you can burn fats while you sleep. These pills are quite powerful and effective thanks to the fact that they contain twice as much D-BHB as nearly any other ketone capsule available today. 

The amount of melatonin they contain is quite impressive as well at 8 mg. Together, these ingredients combine effectively to support your keto diet and allow you to lose weight even when you’re not trying to, like when you’re asleep. 

All you need to do to allow these pills to take effect is consume a capsule before bedtime. You’ll find yourself drifting off into a deep and relaxing slumber once you do. 

This formula is tested and proven to be effective by experts in the field of medicine. They’ve been third-party tested, and their test results are available online for users to have a look at if they wish to purchase from the brand. 

Besides, if you’re not happy with your purchase, you’re entitled to receive 100% of your money back – that’s how confident Real Ketones is in the quality of its products. 

User Reviews 

Most users who have trouble sleeping or relaxing have recommended this product wholeheartedly. 

These users claim that after months or years of struggling with maintaining a healthy sleep schedule, they’re glad to find capsules that can help them sleep well and lose weight. The fact that these pills help users stay in a state of ketosis is not lost on those who favor this product either. 

The only drawback many users seemed to be unhappy about is the fact that these capsules don’t work very well as appetite suppressants alone. According to users, they help keep junk cravings at bay but not if one stays up long hours into the night. 

Click Here to Visit the Official Website of Real Ketones

#3. Perfect Keto – Widest Choice of Supplements 

Blue Ribbon Group

Brand Overview 

No list of keto supplements is complete without at least one mention of Perfect Keto, such is the popularity and reputation of this brand. Perfect Keto relies on using the latest scientific methods and effective ingredients to produce formulas that are well-researched and powerful. 

The brand’s reliance on using the right combination of ingredients to create supplements is what has contributed to their universal appeal in a big way. 

This brand is known to rely on creating formulas that taste good and are easy to digest for most users. 

Because of this, most of their loyal customers find that they’re able to consume these pills and receive the many benefits they offer without having to suffer from any major side effects. For years, it has focused on providing users with fitness solutions that contribute towards improving both their physical and their mental health. 

Perfect Keto’s products are favored by a wide variety of users mainly because they don’t contain any added sugars, artificial or synthetic additives, chemicals or fillers, grains, corn, or soy. Therefore, these products can support a range of lifestyles such as gluten-free. The brand only uses real, organic sources for its ingredients to ensure its customers don’t suffer from any side effects while using them. 

This brand was founded by Dr. Anthony Gustin who believed in allowing people to achieve their fitness goals using a keto diet with the help of ingredients that can be trusted. It has focused for years on making the keto lifestyle more accessible to people around the world, especially the uninitiated. 

You’re highly unlikely to find a Perfect Keto product that’s not made using quality products. Unlike many other brands that claim to produce keto-friendly products that aren’t in reality, this brand produces only authentic keto products. 


Following are the pros of these keto diet pills:

  • They contain electrolytes that are very useful at helping your body release energy 
  • They help users stay alert, energized, and focused throughout the day
  • They don’t have any aftertaste 
  • The capsules make for convenient consumption 
  • They can be consumed before workouts for great results 
  • They help your body maintain ketosis 
  • The brand offers free shipping on orders in the U.S. priced above $29
  • These capsules come with a quality guarantee 


Following are the cons of these keto diet pills:

  • Since they’re quite popular, they are sold out quite easily and aren’t stocked up as often as they should be 
  • They take a fair amount of time to display weight loss results 


Now that we’ve discussed why Perfect Keto is such a popular and trustworthy brand, let’s delve into the features of this keto supplement. The product we’ve chosen to review here is Perfect Keto’s Keto BHB pills. These pills present one of the easiest and most convenient ways of consuming ketones and deriving the various benefits of following a keto diet. 

These pills contain a fair amount of electrolytes that help boost your mental clarity and keep your energy levels up throughout the day. You have the option of purchasing either a bottle containing 60 capsules or one containing 120 capsules. The best time to consume these capsules is in the morning. They are known to help users suppress their cravings for junk food and engage in intermittent fasting effectively. 

You could even use these capsules in the afternoon. Since they help your body to release energy, they could help you battle the post-lunch slump, thereby allowing you to get work done in the afternoon as well. Besides, since these pills are very convenient to use, you could even carry them along when you’re traveling or use them before your workout to give your energy levels a boost and train harder.

 After using these pills regularly, you’ll likely notice that you’re able to stay alert throughout the day, even during times when you typically find it difficult to focus. Therefore, those who suffer from tiredness or fatigue while following the keto diet are sure to find these supplements extremely useful. Tiredness is one of the major side effects of staying in ketosis which is why this is an especially impressive feature of these capsules. 

One of the many great features of this supplement is that it leaves no aftertaste. While there are many keto pills out there that are flavored using some great natural ingredients, not everyone wants flavored pills, some people just take their pills as a matter of routine and don’t want them to be flavored. These capsules are especially useful for those who belong to the latter category of keto followers. 

User Reviews 

Those who use these capsules regularly claim that it has proved very effective at helping them stay in a state of ketosis. 

Users who work out regularly have noted that these pills have helped them train harder and longer at the gym as they help them release more energy to power their exercises. The fact that the dosage of these pills is adjustable is a popular feature among users as well. 

The only major drawback most people complained about regarding this product on fitness forums and the brand’s official website is that it takes a good amount of time to take effect. 

Those wishing to achieve significant weight loss results within a month are likely to be disappointed with these pills, but those who have had the patience to wait longer report that they’re happy with the results. 

Click Here to Visit the Official Website of Perfect Keto

Ketone BHB Capsules 

BHB is usually found in your body when you’re either fasting or staying off carbs. Either way, it’s a type of ketone that allows you to burn fats in place of carbs to keep your energy levels up. 

In other words, BHB enables your body to release energy in the absence of glucose. Not only does BHB help increase energy levels, but it also helps support a few of your major body functions as well. 

Several major and minor ailments such as migraines and Parkinson’s are often associated with inadequate BHB in the body. However, substantial evidence is required to prove the same. Now that you know what BHB is and how it could help your body stay in great shape, let’s explore how it works. 

BHB facilitates ketone production in your liver, thereby allowing your body to use ketones to release energy in place of glucose. 

This is the main reason behind the inclusion of BHB in the most powerful weight loss supplements available today for those who follow the keto lifestyle. Not only do these ketones help you lose weight quickly and effectively, but they also help you maintain your muscle mass as well.  

Those who have trouble maintaining their blood sugar levels while on keto have reported that BHB capsules help them regulate the same with ease. Most BHB capsules also contain additional ingredients such as MCT that accelerate weight loss. 

MCT contains fatty acids that allow your body to stay in a state of ketosis. This is an ingredient that has found its way into some of the most powerful fat-burning supplements available today. 

How Keto BHB Supplements Facilitate Fat-Burning?

Those who achieve most of their daily calorie intake with the help of carbohydrates often struggle with losing weight effectively and within a short period. 

This is not surprising if you take into account the fact that such people are constantly burning carbohydrates to meet their daily energy requirements, while the fats in their bodies stay untouched. 

One of the most effective ways of burning these stored fats is to reduce or eliminate carb intake until your body has no choice but to use up its stores of fat to see you through the day in terms of keeping energy levels up. 

Everything from your mobility to your digestion requires energy so it’s no surprise that your body will begin to burn through your stored fats pretty quickly once you cut down on carbs. 

Those who consume too many carbs risk allowing their bodies to create deposits of fat to use in the future. The more carbs they eat, the more fat they end up storing as they don’t require them to release energy. 

This is where keto pills come in. These pills allow your body to turn this entire process on its head and burn through fats instead of carbohydrates, which is something it cannot do when you keep feeding it more and more carbs every day. 

Once you start following the keto diet and kick your body into a state of ketosis, you start burning stored fats to release energy. However, more often than not these energy stores are not enough to help you meet your daily requirements. 

What do you do in such a scenario, considering you’re not supposed to eat carbs to release energy? It’s simple: you start consuming keto BHB capsules. 

Such supplements typically contain salts that transform into electrolytes that help your body release energy, thereby helping you meet your daily requirements adequately. 

Using these supplements will help you beat back tiredness, nausea, and any other symptoms that most people experience when following a keto diet, especially if they’re new to it. Besides, it is these very side effects that dissuade most people from following the keto lifestyle so these pills can help put an end to that once and for all. 

One of the many reasons these fat burning pills are growing immensely popular is because they give users quick results. However, results – quick or otherwise – with these pills are only possible to achieve if users follow the keto diet strictly and stay off carbs. 

Merely consuming these pills while loading up on carbs is highly unlikely to give users weight loss results so they shouldn’t purchase these pills with unreasonable expectations.

How to Choose Keto Pills For Weight Loss?

Keeping the following tips and tricks in mind while choosing keto diet pills is sure to help you make a well-informed choice regarding the same:

The ingredients used in keto diet supplements is one of the most if not the most important considerations while choosing the right product to support your needs. 

Look out for keto supplements that contain D-BHB, magnesium, and omega-3 fatty acids as these tend to be the most effective at helping your body stay in a state of ketosis. 

Magnesium in particular is very useful at keeping your energy levels up and improving the functioning of your immune system. Magnesium is also known to have several benefits that help regulate your blood sugar levels. 

Those in a state of ketosis often suffer from a magnesium deficiency since it’s mainly found in carb-heavy foods. Therefore, supplements that contain magnesium are the best at helping you maintain ketosis. 

Also, try and choose supplements that contain DHA and EPA as these are the most effective at promoting good heart health. These fatty acids also help reduce alleviate inflammation as well, which is one of the many side effects of following a ketogenic diet. 

Other ingredients that are included in good quality supplements are:

  • Amino acids 
  • Vitamin D 
  • BHB ketones 
  • MCT oil
  • Consider Additional Features 

When you purchase ketogenic pills, you don’t just purchase them to help you stay in a state of ketosis, you also purchase them for a few additional features that they have. The best supplements are those that offer you more than just weight loss benefits. 

For instance, pills that can offer you increased energy are especially popular among those following the keto diet as these help you channel more energy into your workouts. 

Several keto diet pills – including the ones we’ve covered above – offer users better sleep and help them stay calm and focused as well. 

Therefore, when you purchase keto pills, you’ll need to make sure you keep these features in mind according to the time of day you’re planning to consume them. The best pills also have very few side effects as compared to others. 

  • Consider Pricing and Shipping 

Since you’ll be using keto diet pills every day, you should ideally consider how much they cost before you purchase them. 

While most of these don’t exactly come cheap, they aren’t very expensive either if you take into account the cost-saving benefits of using subscriptions. The biggest brands in the industry typically offer you memberships, subscriptions, discounts, and more on their pills so watch out for these. 

Besides, you’ll need to top up your supply of pills every few weeks so bear shipping times and fees in mind too before you make a purchase. 

Another feature to take note of is whether or not a brand offers you guarantees on the quality of its products. The most highly reputed brands offer their customers 100% money-back guarantees if they’re not happy with the quality of their purchase. 

If you see a brand offering you free trials for their keto diet pills, it could be tempting to give them a shot. However, we strongly advise that you don’t fall for it. 

Not only are these brands looking to earn your trust to lure you in and make you purchase from them when you didn’t intend to, but they also end up costing you more money than you had bargained for. Therefore, make sure you only purchase from popular, highly reputed brands. 

Benefits of Using Keto Supplements 

We’ve discussed the pros of using keto diet pills concerning every individual brand we’ve reviewed. Now, let us examine the various benefits of using keto diet pills in general. 

  • Weight Loss – No one would purchase keto diet pills unless they offered users some great weight loss benefits. These pills help your body enter a state of ketosis and stay that way for as long as you want to be, thereby helping you burn fat. Using these pills while following a keto diet can allow you to lose several pounds every week. You’ll be able to lose weight more rapidly with the help of these pills than you could without them, that’s for sure. 
  • Increased Energy Levels – In a way, this ties back to weight loss as increased energy levels allow you to put in longer and harder hours of training at the gym which can help you lose weight quickly. Besides, those who follow a ketogenic diet often report lower energy levels, so this is a definite benefit of using keto diet pills. 
  • Better Sleep – In helping you stay active throughout the day; keto diet pills help ensure that you’re tired enough by nighttime to get inadequate sleep. Moreover, some pills are designed in a way that helps you sleep better. For instance, some supplements contain melatonin that helps you relax and get better sleep at night. 
  • Suppress Appetite – Another way in which keto diet pills allow you to burn fat and lose weight is that they suppress your appetite and keep junk cravings at bay. In doing so, they allow you to stay away from foods that could lead to unwanted weight gain. 

Side Effects of Using Keto Supplements

Like most diet supplements, keto diet pills come with their fair share of side effects. The most obvious of these side effects is the keto flu, which is experienced by most people who are trying out the keto diet for the first time. This is therefore a common side effect of following the keto diet and nothing to worry about. 

Dehydration could be another side effect associated with staying in a state of ketosis. This is especially true for those who consume a large number of calories every day. However, the effects of dehydration are likely to last for a few days at best and don’t cause much harm. 

Other minor side effects associated with keto diet pills are:

  • Nausea 
  • Constipation 
  • Headache 
  • Indigestion 
  • Mood Swings 
  • Junk Cravings 

These side effects can be avoided or minimized if you choose to purchase pills from a brand that’s highly reputed and offers you products made using good quality ingredients. 

FAQs About Keto Diet Pills

Following are few FAQs related to keto diet pills:

Q – Are Keto Diet Pills Effective For Weight Loss?

Yes, keto diet pills can be very effective if you purchase them from the right brand and complement your usage of them by following a healthy diet and exercise routine. Not doing so will likely leave you disappointed, and your weight loss journey may be longer than you had initially anticipated. 

Q – Do I Need to Follow a Keto Diet to Use These Pills?

No, you don’t necessarily have to follow a keto diet to take these pills and enjoy their various benefits. However, since these pills help maintain ketosis, they’re most effective when paired with a keto diet. 

Q – When Will These Pills Start to Give Me Results?

If used alongside a strenuous exercise routine and the keto diet, you can expect these pills to give you results within 4-6 weeks. They’ll keep working well as long as you remain in a state of ketosis. 

Q – What Is the Recommended Dosage for These Pills?

The dosage requirements for these pills vary from person to person and brand to brand. It’s best to talk to your healthcare provider first before you take these pills if you haven’t taken them before. 

Q – Can Keto Diet Pills Reduce Belly Fat?

Yes, keto diet pills can help you lose fat in even the most stubborn areas of your body, including your belly. 

Q – How Much Weight Can I Lose Using These Pills?

You can expect to lose a maximum of 10 pounds a month using these pills if you’re in a state of ketosis. 

Conclusion – Which Keto Diet Pills Should You Choose?

Well, there you have it – our reviews of some of the best keto diet pills we could online along with some tips and tricks on how you can choose one to suit your needs and preferences. We suggest Keto Charge.

If you follow our advice closely, you’ll find that you’re able to lose weight more safely and effectively than you could before. However, don’t expect to lose weight quickly with the help of these pills alone, make sure you follow a healthier lifestyle overall as well. 

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