The Wild One MAX Is an R/C Car You Can Actually Drive

The Wild One MAX Is an R/C Car You Can Actually Drive

Good news for kids of the ’80s and ’90s: One of the era’s most beloved toys, the Tamiya Wild One remote-controlled car, is making a return. But it’s not just an R/C toy anymore—it’ll be big enough for adults to sit in and drive. The Little Car Company, a UK-based manufacturer of hand-built electric replicas of notable vehicles, will build the adult-sized car. It’s called Wild One MAX, and it’ll go on sale in 2022.



First released in 1985, Wild One was a very popular R/C toy—so popular, in fact, that Tamiya re-released the car in 2012 because demand remained high. On the surface, the new Wild One MAX is a faithful replica of the original: It features the same dune buggy-style roll cage and red, black, and orange color scheme, and it even recreates the decals found on the R/C car.

Of course, it’s much bigger. The MAX will weigh in at 551 pounds and measure 137.9 inches long and 70.8 inches wide, according to specs released by The Little Car Company. Compared to a normal vehicle, though, the MAX is quite tidy. A Fiat 500 is 139.6 inches long and 64.1 inches wide, and the MAX is much lighter than any other car on the road.

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The MAX is designed to be easy to drive, both on-road and off. It’ll feature electric motor powering in the rear wheels, digital gauges, and an adjustable composite seat with a three-point seatbelt that can accommodate drivers up to 6’5.” It’s expected to have around 25 miles of range and a top speed of 30 mph, and it’ll come with three different driving modes (called Novice, Eco, and Race), so you can adjust the throttle response and power output to match the driving style and skill level of the person behind the wheel.

And like the original Wild One, you’ll be able to customize your MAX with lots of additional components. The Little Car Company hinted at options like upgraded brakes and suspension, road tires and mudguards, plus a package of modifications to make your ride road legal in the U.S.

Driving a full-size electric R/C dune buggy around your neighborhood—not even your eight-year-old self could have imagined that.

The company estimates the full cost of a build will be around $8,250 (plus tax), and you can reserve your spot on the build list now at The Little Car Company website.

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