The 6 Best Beers That Smell Like Weed

The 6 Best Beers That Smell Like Weed

Sticky icky in a pint glass? Yep. Why not? When it’s good, it’s good. Over the last couple of years, there’s been an uptick in the number of breweries making beer that smells like weed. We’ve rounded up six of our favorites that not only taste good on the tongue but also light up that happy place in your brain that comes from smelling really good green.


Dankful IPA | Sierra Nevada

This is one of the more mild-smelling beers on the list. At the first crack of the can, you probably won’t detect much. But pour it in a glass (and do pour it in a glass as it’s a pretty beer with an orangey/amber color and a little haze), get close, and breathe deep. You’ll get a whiff of something that smells, well, dank. If this is your first foray into beers that smell like weed and you want to start out gradually, this is a good pick. It’s a solid, drinkable beer and it goes really nice with a burger.


Money | Barrier Brewing Co.
Money IPA beer
This flavor of this beer is, well, rich. The fine folks at Barrier Brewing Co. have put this IPA in tallboys and it’s quickly become a favorite to help get through dreary winter days. Who doesn’t need a little extra green in their life these days? The can art boasts of stank and the beer delivers. It’s also surprisingly light, a little hazy, and has a tad of citrus thrown in for good measure.


420 Strain G13 IPA | SweetWater

420 ale
If the name doesn’t tip you off, one whiff of this beer is sure to. You can smell it from a few feet away. It’s as strong as if you’d just opened an airtight jar of some super-pungent kind bud. This beer is the closest we’ve found to beer that actually smells and tastes like weed. If you miss large arena concerts, hanging out on the sofa in the sun while the band plays kinda fun, grab this one.

Dr. Lupulin | Revision Brewing Co.

Dr. Lupulin beer IPA weed beer
Drinker beware. This 16-ounce beer packs a whopping 11.3 percent punch and is not for the faint of heart. It was also the winner of the 2019 Gold Medal Triple IPA category at the US Open Beer Championships. Though it’s diabolical in name it’s not super over-powering in the weed-beer-smell category but what it’s lacking in that department is more than made up for in full-bodied flavor and a gorgeous amber color.

Weed Brownie | Wicked Weed Brewing

Mr Brown beer Wicked Weed Brewing
Sold in a four-pack called Guilty Pleasures, this beer is an imperial stout that’s brewed with chocolate and natural hemp-like flavors. The first thing you might notice when you drink this beer is an earthy, slightly grassy smell. Then the chocolate kicks in. These are good things. Great things. Basically, it’s a weed brownie in a can. Like a lot of edibles, proceed with caution. This beer packs an 8.7 percent punch and will sneak up on you if you’re not careful. Our favorite part? The mouthfeel … it’s kinda creamy, just like the best homemade brownies.


Grand Optimist | Heist Brewing

Grand Optimist IPA weed beer
This beer is a West Coast double IPA (that’s code for big hop aromas, plus citrus and tropical flavors), which clocks in at 8.5 percent. Bitter and sticky are two of the things that come to mind. Come to think of it, potent and charged are good descriptors for this one, as well. Crack an Optimist open if you’re looking to jumpstart your night or you just need a shakedown departure from the same-old, same-old.



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