Self-Defense and Safety Tools Everyone Needs for the Outdoors

Self-Defense and Safety Tools Everyone Needs for the Outdoors

This article was produced in partnership with SABRE

Summertime is arguably the best season of the year. There’s something to be said about working out in the sun and breathing fresh air. In most places, many gyms are operating at limited capacity, so people have been getting creative with workouts. But the change of seasons brings new opportunities to take your fitness outdoors.

When getting active outside, there are common essentials most never leave home without (like water, sunscreen, and a smartphone). But more often than not, people overlook personal safety tools when heading outdoors. Fortunately, SABRE, the leading brand in personal safety, has developed a number of essential safety items everyone needs. While working out and getting in tune with your body can make you feel invincible, we all know this isn’t always the case. Safety is priceless and should never be overlooked as you head outside to work out. To help those who value getting fresh air while getting in shape, SABRE has created two useful safety tools that are easy to bring and use with you on-the-go.

1. SMART Safety

While you’re looking to elevate your own personal workout regimen, SABRE looks to complement it with a new product aimed at taking your personal safety to the next level. The all-new SMART Pepper Spray was developed to give you the confidence to enjoy your life and stay connected to your loved ones.

When paired with the SABRE Personal Safety App, the SMART Pepper Spray can send text alerts with your location to a list of selected contacts when the spray is deployed. Adding another level to your safety and peace of mind, SABRE also offers a premium version of the app. For $4.99, users can opt in to the premium monitoring service provided by Noonlight, a 24/7 certified call center that contacts the police and provides real-time location data to help the authorities locate and assist you when the pepper spray is used.

While most already go on runs or work out with their phones, adding the SABRE SMART Pepper Spray is a convenient way to stay connected and safe. Plus, the SMART Pepper Spray can easily be carried as an everyday essential when not working out, making it the ultimate multi-purpose safety tool.

2. Sound the Alarm

Not every outdoor workout will be in an isolated area. Some will take you down crowded streets or through bustling parks. In order to attract the attention of those around while also deterring any potential threat, a product such as the SABRE Clip-On Personal Alarm with LED Safety Light is a perfect accompaniment.

Easily clipping on to any piece of clothing or belt loop, this safety alarm allows you to remain hands free while in the zone. If you’re running at night, clip the alarm in a visible spot and turn on the LED light so traffic or a passerby can more easily see you.

Then, should you find yourself facing an imminent threat, press the button at the center of the alarm to activate a loud siren that’s audible up to 1,300 feet away.

Work out with the confidence you’ll be seen, heard, and better protected from danger.

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