Season 4 ‘Stranger Things’ Teaser Trailer Brings Us Back to the Lab

Season 4 'Stranger Things' Teaser Trailer Brings Us Back to the Lab

The second teaser trailer for Season 4 of Stranger Things has dropped—over a year from when the first teaser came out—which makes it another satisfying indication the upside-down world of pandemic life is beginning to right itself. This trailer takes us back to the Hawkins National Laboratory, where we see Eleven’s psychokinetic peers testing their powers in the grim institutional setting.

Dr. Martin Brenner, played by Matthew Modine, is apparently back (or is it a flashback?) and playing “Papa” to his parapsychology patients. While greeting his wards, the camera swings around to zoom in on a door with the number 11 on it, obviously Eleven’s room at the institution. Dr. Brenner’s voice is heard asking, “Are you listening, Eleven?,” and the trailer cuts to her opening her eyes.

Courtesy of Netflix

When we last heard from the Duffer Brothers and the continuation of their hit horror show, it was February 14, 2020, when they dropped the first season 4 trailer. In that initial teaser, we saw the alive—and gulag-ed—Hopper (David Harbour) working on a railroad in a remote location in Russian.

This followed the end of season 3 (way back in July of 2019!), which saw Hopper apparently dying, but instead hinted at the resilient sheriff being worm-holed away to a Russian lab complete with an imprisoned Demogorgon, who was being fed a hapless detainee.

The release of the new season is still unknown, but as the cast and crew is now back filming full-time again, the show is expected sometime in 2022.

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