Review: Nike Launches ZoomX Invincible Run

Review: Nike Launches ZoomX Invincible Run

That floating feeling that comes with being well-conditioned is what every runner strives for. Miles feel more effortless (and a hell of a lot more enjoyable). But if you’re new to running or coming back from a hiatus, the feeling you’re more inclined to experience is runner’s knee, Achilles tendinitis, or shin splints. To get to that wild-mustang-running-free feeling, you need to do a few things: Start off steady, consistent, and modest (adding too much mileage in the early stages is a sure-fire way to get hurt). Make time for cross-training so you can strengthen the small stabilizing muscles around your joints to help ward off aches and pains. And lastly, get some cushioned running shoes. Try the ZoomX Invincible Run, Nike’s latest release.

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ZoomX Invincible Run in lead men’s colorway

A Closer Look at the Nike ZoomX Invincible Run

Taking inspiration and insights from the Nike React Infinity Run, ZoomX Invincible Run was built to safeguard runners from injury and improve running economy. To do that, Nike turned to the holy trinity: cushioning, stability, and fluid geometry. It’s gonna feel different underfoot than other Nike silhouettes. It’s hard to discern exactly what it is at first—aside from being übercomfortable—but once you know what’s nesting inside the shoe, it paints a more detailed picture.

The midsole boasts ZoomX foam. You might recall that’s what’s used in Nike’s aggressive and speedy Alphafly, but this shoe isn’t designed to make you faster. It’s built with long runs in mind. That might seem relative to your skill level, but let’s say anything over a 10K. That full-length ZoomX foam offers the Swooshes highest energy return. But it doesn’t stop there. The Invincible’s unique blueprint allowed designers to add even more foam than what was featured in the Infinity Run, ultimately giving runners a shoe that’s 33 percent softer with an even greater energy return. That means diminished fatigue, happier feet, and less-stressed muscles.

There’s no carbon fiber plate, which gave the Alphafly and Vaporfly that rocket-like propulsion, but it does have rocker geometry for a smooth transition heel to toe. The outsole doesn’t stray from the norm. Its full rubber composition creates nice grip and durability, making it a strong everyday trainer. You’ll also notice the return of Flyknit. It hasn’t been integrated in the race-centric shoes Nike’s been pushing out as of late, but it’s perfect in this trainer. It has added cushioning elements like a molded tongue and padded collar, and is overall hardier than Flyknits of yesteryear. Overall, this is a solid running shoe to have in your arsenal if you prefer greater cushioning and support. It’s like the white T-shirt of running shoes—comforting, reliable, and an instant classic.

The Nike ZoomX Invincible will be available January 11 for Nike members and January 18 for full marketplace.



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