Review: Citizen Promaster MX Moto Series Watch

Review: Citizen Promaster MX Moto Series Watch

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For the uninitiated, lapping a track as fast as you dare, pushing a vehicle to its limit is an electric experience that intoxicates the mind and body with waves of adrenaline. The Citizen Promaster MX is made for those who jones for the velocity, g-forces, and power you find behind the wheel of a finely tuned machine. Part of the brand’s Promaster series, the watch’s design summons a racing vibe that’ll remind you it’s been far too long since your last track day.

Citizen Promaster MX Specs

For enthusiasts who want to use the watch as a race timer, a tachymeter is deployed on the external bezel. It’s a simple yet essential tool for calculating speed over a fixed distance—say a mile or a full lap, using the seconds hand against the scale to display the rate. For longer intervals, the watch possesses a 1/20 second chronograph that can serve as a timer for up to 60 minutes of racing.

Red accents show through the perforated black leather strap in a traditional race-style design. The band is secured with a robust, ergonomically curved, twin-trigger release deployment clasp, making it comfortable and sleek. But if you find yourself in damper conditions that might damage the leather, the band can be easily replaced with a NATO or rubber strap (not supplied by Citizen).

Along with the chronograph complication, the Promaster MX adds a perpetual calendar function and the capability to show two time zones simultaneously, which is nice for travelers who might need to know local time and a reference time—say the hour at home or at a satellite office in Dubai. For those requiring a reminder or wake-up beep, the watch also features an alarm and the 24-hour time.

Close-up of the Citizen Promaster MX Courtesy Image

Speed, Style, and Sustainability

Unlike most race cars and motorbikes of today, the Promaster MX Eco-Drive system is powered by any light. Its rechargeable power cell eliminates the need to replace your watch battery, making it maintenance-free, more efficient, and more environmentally friendly. Once fully charged, it’ll continue to work for six months in the dark. That’s ample endurance to race the Dakar Rally 15 times in a row.

For more leisurely pursuits, the Promaster MX is water-resistant up to 200 meters, which is plenty for swimming or snorkeling (again, to preserve the leather strap, swap it out for a more water-friendly material).

In short, the Citizen Promaster MX is an evocative timepiece that offers vicarious speed on the wrist. No, it won’t help make you any faster on the track, but it may make clocking the pace a little more fun when the opportunity presents itself.


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