Review: Citizen Promaster Aqualand | Men’s Journal

Review: Citizen Promaster Aqualand | Men's Journal

This article was produced in partnership with Citizen Watch 

Inside every one of us beats the heart of an adventurer. Of course not all of us are going to summit Everest or free dive the Blue Hole. For most, our expeditions will be smaller in scale, perhaps snorkeling with sharks in Belize, surfing off Witch’s Rock in Costa Rica, or even just teaching our children how to swim in the ocean. While the scale of our exploits may be different, the spirit is the same, and the Citizen Promaster Aqualand is a rugged tool watch to rule them all.

It’s an action-ready diver ideal not just for scuba, but all manners of water sports—from surfing and paddle boarding to jet-skiing. To be sure, Aqualand is primarily designed for diving, so it boasts 200-meter water resistance; a depth gauge that functions during dives, capable of recording the previous maximum depth; and the dial is highly legible, even at a distance. The hands and indexes feature intensely bright lume, so they’re still visible as light fades the deeper you journey under the sea. Aqualand also comes with a diver’s extension so it can be worn over a wet suit.

Specs That Go Beyond the Ocean’s Depths

For those who need to time events like dives or laps in a pool, the one second chronograph can measure up to 50 minutes. The unidirectional, red and black, 120-click bezel is great for diving, and is a simple way to set terra firma-based reminders as well.

For adventures that might take the wearer into an environment where they can’t discern night from day, a 24-hour sub-dial indicates whether it’s a.m. or p.m.—ideal for spelunkers or travelers visiting the Arctic or Antarctic in summer or winter, when the sun fails to rise or set for long stretches of time.

The 46mm DLC (diamond-like carbon) coated stainless steel case is beefy, but won’t get lost on the wrist like some smaller models. The Aqualand’s black polyurethane band makes for a comfortable wearing experience too, wet or dry. It’s a rugged timepiece that gives off an aura of near indestructibility.

Much as you get a charge from the vitamin D the sun provides, Aqualand’s Eco-Drive technology powers the battery via solar rays (actually, any light source, be it a desk lamp or overhead kitchen), eliminating the need to replace your watch battery. This cuts down on maintenance, makes it more efficient, and more environmentally friendly. Once fully charged, it’ll continue to work for six months in the dark—and the power reserve indication function lets you know when Aqualand needs to catch a few rays.

So, whether your adventure takes you 30 fathoms deep, on a journey to the land of the midnight sun, or just over to the beach for some playtime with the family, Aqualand will make an unflagging sidekick.


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