Groom Industries Solvent Free Sprayer, Flairosol


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This innovative sprayer takes the convenience of an aerosol spray but eliminates the need of dangerous solvents and pressurized gases that can not only harm the environment, but also harm your lungs and health. Using a patented unique hand pump design, the steady aerosol type spray is put in action only after a couple of priming squeezes to activate the flow. You will be amazed at how the flairosol not only works, but also at the time and energy you will be saving. Any professional cleaner can tell that using a hand pump sprayer day in and day out can really take a toll on your fingers and develop fatigue fast. The flairosol eliminates the need of trigger pump sprayers and allows you to use your favorite cleaner, deodorizer or protectant quickly and easily. Just pop the top, fill, prime and go. The flairosol also works great as a gardening tool for misting green houses, gardens and house plants. You can finally use a solvent free hand pressurized mister to water sensitive fruits, plants and vegetables in a snap! Even persons who love to garden but struggle with arthritis can feel relief from aches and pains in their hands and fingers that traditional pump trigger sprayers cause. The flairosol system takes the worry and pain out of watering and let’s you enjoy your garden once again. Utilizing a fast acting quick pressure bottle, the flairosol sprays a consistent and strong mist making the perfect alternative to a pain-free approach for garden care.

Steady aerosol type mist with just a few pumps
Great for cleaning, gardening or even as a hairspray substitute bottle
Safe for the environment

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Groom Industries Solvent Free Sprayer, Flairosol

Groom Industries Solvent Free Sprayer, Flairosol