New Movies, Series, and Documentaries Adventurers Will Love

New Movies, Series, and Documentaries Adventurers Will Love

Looking for some streaming inspiration? After all, you can only watch Into the Wild and Free Solo so many times. If you love the outdoors, you’re in luck: There’s a slate of excellent new programming landing on popular streaming services. Among them, a little bit of surfing magic, an unforgettable look at the world of whales with Nat Geo, and a deep dive into American ski culture with one of its patriarchs, Warren Miller. Can’t shred powder right now? No problem. Stream it. These are the top movies, series, and documentaries of the moment.


New Movies, Series, and Documentaries Adventurers Will Love

1. Expedition Deep Ocean on discovery+

Immerse yourself in this thought-provoking series on explorer Victor Vescovo and his Five Deeps Expedition team’s record-shattering mission. Follow the scientists and underwater vessel pros on nail-biting journeys to the bottom-most depths of the five oceans. Premiering on April 1, indulge your inner submarine junkie as Vescovo and his crew conduct groundbreaking (ocean-breaking?) research on the effects of undersea seismic activity, sourcing novel biological material that could be used in the medical community and more.

‘Tokyo Rising’ on Hulu Courtesy Image

2. Tokyo Rising on Hulu

First released in 2020 and available for streaming on Hulu March 1, step into the world of pro surfer John John Florence as he pits himself against Kelly Slater. They’re competing to qualify for surfing’s debut at what would have been the 2020 Olympics, which are now taking place this summer. Chock-full of both action and reflection, it’s definitely a riveting sports documentary you won’t want to miss. Watch the trailer here.

First to the Top of the World on discovery+
First to the Top of the World on discovery+ Courtesy Image

3. First to the Top of the World on discovery+

New to the streamer on April 8, this documentary chronicles the true tale of four regular old dudes from Minnesota who join a French-Canadian bon vivant in 1968 for a 500-mile trek across the polar ice cap to the North Pole via snowmobile. Watching the experience of the “Minnesota Cronies” unfold, you’ll be amazed by their resilience and strength. Amazingly, they face moving sea ice, sub-zero blizzards, snow blindness, polar bears, and more. Did we mention these men also debunk Robert Peary’s 1909 claim of being the first man to reach the North Pole?

Nomadland Photo Courtesy of Searchlight Pictures

4. Nomadland on Hulu

You don’t have to be in your 20s to have an epic journey by van. This Golden Globe winner—which premiered on Hulu and in theaters last month—tells the story of Fern (Frances McDormand), a woman in her sixties, who travels the American West in her van after losing her job at a Nevada gypsum plant. Buckle up for one hell of a story. Watch the trailer here.

The Swim on discovery+
The Swim on discovery+ Courtesy Image

5. The Swim on discovery+

Out on April 15, you’ll be glued to the edge of your seat as you watch long-distance swimmer Benoît Lecomte—the first man to swim across the Atlantic in 1998—set out on a momentous 5,000-mile long swim across the Pacific Ocean to raise awareness on the state of our oceans in the wake of devastating pollution. A six-month haul from Japan to San Francisco without leaving your couch? Talk about a recovery day film for the books.

Hunter Hunter
Hunter Hunter Courtesy Image

6. Hunter Hunter on Hulu

Streaming on Hulu March 19, head off to The Last Frontier in this 2020 IFC film that chronicles the a family of fur trappers. The drama heats up when the father, Joseph, goes off to find a wolf believed to be hunting their traps. As the days linger on and Joe doesn’t return, a man named Lou, who was mauled by a mysterious predator, shows up at their cabin. This one’s absolutely thrilling. Watch the trailer here.

Courtesy Image


7. Proxima on Hulu

Eager to say goodbye to planet Earth right about now? Teleport yourself into the shoes of an astronaut training to go to Mars in this 2019 film that debuted on Hulu March 7. Sarah, the astronaut, leaves her daughter and ex-husband behind for training. Starring Eva Green and Matt Dillon, this French film will surely stay with you long after the credits wrap. Watch the trailer here.

Secrets of the Whales
National Geographic for Disney+/Adam Geiger

Secrets of the Whales

8. Secrets of the Whales on Disney+

If you still happily reminisce whale watching on that tiny boat in Cabo, then this new documentary series is for you. Learn about these wildly fascinating marine mammals from Academy Award-winning filmmaker and conservationist James Cameron and Sigourney Weaver steer. The producers spent three years filming orcas, humpbacks, belugas, narwhals, and sperm whales. Because of this, it’s a series that will help us understand these creatures like never before. Streaming on Disney+ starting on Earth Day, you may very well wind up bingeing all four captivating episodes in one sitting. Watch the trailer here.

Seaspiracy on Netflix
Seaspiracy on Netflix Courtesy Image

9. Seaspiracy on Netflix

If you consider the ocean your second home, you’ll want to watch this enthralling documentary. It shines a light on the dark underworld of commercial fishing. Coming to Netflix March 24, Seaspiracy will undoubtedly change the way you view ocean conservation and drive home the importance of protecting Earth’s natural resources. Watch the trailer here.

Ski Bum: The Warren Miller Story
Ski Bum: The Warren Miller Story Courtesy Image

10. Ski Bum: The Warren Miller Story on discovery+

Thanks to discovery+’s January 2021 launch, we can now stream this superb 2019 documentary. It focuses on the fascinating life of famed filmmaker Warren Miller and his adventures across the U.S. Starting in the 1950s, he was the grandfather of action sports videos. He died in 2018, but he’ll certainly be long remembered for paving the way for the modern American ski industry. When you finish this evocative doc, you’ll feel even more stoked for your next trip to the slopes. Watch the trailer here.

Streaming in March: Joe Holder Teaches Fitness and Wellness Fundamentals
Joe Holder MasterClass

11. Joe Holder Teaches Fitness and Wellness Fundamentals on MasterClass

Certified personal trainer, Nike Master Trainer, and founder of The Ocho System, Joe Holder teaches you how to overhaul your health and fitness holistically—important for any adventurer. Debuting last month, this is MasterClass’s first series on holistic fitness and wellness. Whether you’re looking to get muscle gains or want a mindset reboot, this series of informative lessons has something for you.

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