Mr Porter x District Vision Running Capsule Supports Men’s Mental Health

Mr Porter x District Vision Running Capsule Supports Men's Mental Health

It’s rare to get jazzed about running clothes. Some people just want their duds to be functional, but if you want serious style points with comparable performance specs, check out the new Mr. Porter x District Vision Running Capsule. Its inspiration comes from District Vision’s five-point mindful running course in tandem with Mr Porter’s Health In Mind initiative, which raises awareness around mental wellness through movement. One-hundred percent of the net profits from the 11-piece collection will be donated to Health In Mind, which supports men’s mental and physical health initiatives and is supported by the Movember Foundation.



Before we highlight some of our favorite pieces from the collection, here are some highlights excerpted from District Vision’s mindful running course, which are dictated by Max Vallot, District Vision’s co-founder. His mindful approach to exercise is a great entry point to self-discovery and satisfaction through sport.

Step 1: Breathe

Take a few moments before you even start moving, just standing in stillness and feel the breath in the body. We’re not trying to change anything about the way the body is breathing, we’re just bringing our attention close to it, almost like we’re framing our entire cycle of breathing in our awareness.

Step 2: Feel

Start paying attention to any body parts as they move through an environment. The way the wind brushes your hands. The point of contact between your feet and the ground. What do my eyes and the muscles around my eyes feel like? Can I soften any of the tension of my face? What we learn in mindfulness is really to look at the raw sensations, and discern what I can keep going with and what really requires my attention. What requires a change in the way I run?

Step 3: Listen

Fully open up to this symphony of sounds the body is moving through. Really take it all in as it happens and focus on the quality of the awareness. As you move, your body will naturally take on different rhythms.

Step 4: Love

Mindfulness is really a laboratory for the mind…but what I’ve found can be missing is that sense of warmth—that sense of compassion for yourself. Running with a friend or running partner can fuel our competitive desires but try using your partner as a way of cultivating this love and kindness toward one another. How does the presence of the other person keep you going? Can you remain mindful as you go through the peaks and valleys of your experience?

Step 5: Rest

How can I give up all aspects of doing? How can I simply be and simply feel the impact this physical exercise has on me, has on my body, has on my mind? Speaking to all the people who’ve been to the top of the mountain, who’ve run all the marathons—what is on the other side is really the question. And the answer is there really is just you and your own mind, so why not start exploring it right now.

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1. Health In Mind Spino Slim-Fit Stretch-Shell Shorts

These colour-block split shorts are crafted from a polyester and spandex stretch shell with internal mesh paneling, making them airy and moisture-wicking. They’ve been treated with anti-odor tech to resist odors, and have all the thoughtful details you need in a pair of running shorts: back internal pockets for keys and endurance gels or gummies, an elasticated waistband, and built-in briefs.


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2. Health In Mind Junya Racer Rectangle-Frame Nylon Sunglasses

Made in Japan, these nylon sunglasses boast shatterproof lenses that lend 100 percent UV protection and repel water. They practically disappear on your face; no pressure points or distracting obstructions of view.


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Health In Mind Hiei Colour-Block Cotton-Jersey Sweatshirt and Health In Mind Air-Wear Colour-Block Stretch-Mesh Tank Top
Health In Mind Hiei Colour-Block Cotton-Jersey Sweatshirt and Health In Mind Air-Wear Colour-Block Stretch-Mesh Tank Top Courtesy Image

3. Health In Mind Hiei Colour-Block Cotton-Jersey Sweatshirt

If you don’t live in a state with surging heat waves at the moment and enjoy crisp summer mornings, toss this cotton jersey sweatshirt during your warmup. Striking color blocking keeps you visible on the road, while extended cuffs and thumbholes add some warmth and protection for your hands. This is a great layering piece for transitioning between seasons.


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4. Health In Mind Air-Wear Colour-Block Stretch-Mesh Tank Top

While this breezy tank is riddled with ventilation holes, they’re not visible like the mesh basketball shorts of your youth. A streamlined-yet-roomy fit lets the shirt graze over your chest and torso so it doesn’t cling to your skin in scorching temps.


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