More Americans Are Participating in Dry January in 2021

More Americans Are Participating in Dry January in 2021

Dry January is officially becoming a trend.

The one-month sobriety challenge has continued to grow in popularity in recent years, and new surveys indicate a surprising number of Americans have adopted this healthy start to the new year.

In a survey of 2,200 U.S. adults, Morning Consult found that 13 percent of people are abstaining from booze to kick-off 2021. Last year, that same survey was at 11 percent. Additionally, another survey of 15,000 U.S. adults from YouGov found that 15 percent of responded were planning to participate in sober January––up from 10 percent last year. And Google provided another sign, with search queries for “Dry January” spiking in recent weeks.

The main reasons for going sober involved being healthier and reducing alcohol consumption, but about half of respondents to the Morning Consult survey stated that Dry January had become an annual tradition for them.

One of the main benefactors of this new trend is nonalcoholic beer companies like Athletic Brewing, who have seen a big spike in interest and sales. And the newfound interest in non-alcoholic beer isn’t just limited to January, the sector actually increased in popularity throughout 2020. In fact, market research firm IRI found that nonalcoholic beer sales grew 37.7% in 2020, to $188 million.

Another major factor to consider is COVID-19. With many folks drinking more over the past year to cope with the stress of the global pandemic, taking a break to start 2021 has become popular. Morning Consult found that 49 percent of people said excess drinking during COVID-19 was a factor in their decision to participate in Dry January.

Though with 2021 already off to a turbulent start, the real question is how many people will actually stick with Dry January. 31 days can feel like a long time, especially with the stress of a global pandemic continuing to wreak havoc on our lives. However, attacking 2021 with a clear mind is a healthy strategy you won’t regret.

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