Jamie O’Brien Surfing Pipeline on a Blowup Raft

Jamie O'Brien Surfing Pipeline on a Blowup Raft

Let’s be clear: Definitely do not try this yourself. At a local beach with playful, small waves? Maybe. At Pipeline, one of the most dangerous waves on Earth? Never.

Cool, glad we got that out of the way. Now, let’s explain what’s happening here.

In the latest episode of pro surfer Jamie O’Brien’s Youtube Vlog, he and Kaikea Elias decided to try something a little different––surf Pipeline waves on a blow-up raft. And we’re not talking about a small day at Pipe, there were some serious sets rolling through on this particular day. While probably no one else on Earth could get away with it, JOB is one of the few that can.

So how did it work out for them? Fast-forward to the 12:45 mark and find out for yourself.


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