Jake Paul on Boxing and the ‘Brutal Awakening’ He’ll Give Ben Askren

Jake Paul on Boxing and the 'Brutal Awakening' He'll Give Ben Askren

Who’s been your toughest sparring partner so far?

Definitely Andrew Tabiti. We had some really solid rounds going back and forth. He’s very precise. I mean, he went to the Olympics. He’s been fighting his entire life. He’s just super, super sharp, super calculated, and has a lot of high-level professional tricks.

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What does a typical week of training look like for you?

Mondays: I’ll wake up, have some oatmeal, do 10 minutes of meditation, sort of visualizing the fight and visualizing everything we want to accomplish for the week, then we’ll hit a three- to seven-mile jog. After that, I’ll go into some stretching and some recovery, do an ice bath, then I’ll typically take a nap. Nighttime is a complete boxing workout—do some more meditation, then work for 10 to 15, sometimes 20 rounds. That’s shadow boxing, hitting the mitts, working the heavy bag, doing the speed bag, doing drills with the noodles. Typically after that we’ll do some core work and neck exercises, then I’ll come home and go back into some stretching and ice baths again. That’s a typical Monday.

Tuesdays: This is usually a sparring day, so we’ll just prep for the whole day, then spar at night, simulating like it’s a real fight. We’ll spar anywhere from four to 10 rounds, depending on where we are in camp. Sometimes I’ll spar two guys. It’s always good to have a fresh guy come in, just sort of be there on you for some cardio, then back into recovery and ice baths.

Wednesdays: In the morning, we hit the football field and run some really hardcore wind sprints. Recover after: ice baths, massaging, stretching, cupping, sometimes cryotherapy.

Thursdays: Morning we’ll hit a strength and conditioning circuit. At night, it’s back in the boxing gym, anywhere from 10 to 20 rounds of mitts, heavy bags, same sort of workout.

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