First Look: The Indian eFTR Jr. Electric Motorcycle

Indian eFTR Jr.

If you have an affinity for motorcycles, then you know how addicting the lifestyle can be. You relish splitting lanes, sailing around corners, and the feeling of freedom on the open road. But maybe you’re a little older now, and while that passion is still ever-present, you have a kiddo (or two) to think about. Some may view motorsports as a dangerous activity for youngsters, but we think that proper training early on is the best way mitigate danger. And we’ve found the perfect solution for motorhead parents who want to ease their kids into riding: Meet the Indian eFTR Jr. electric motorcycle.


Built for kids over eight years old, the eFTR Jr. is one of the coolest little bikes we’ve seen. It’s precisely what you’d expect from the style masters at Indian Motorcycle: Handsome, classy, clean, and badass. The bike is designed after the iconic Indian FTR750 race bike, minus the muscle that would be intimidating for entry-level riders. Even so, it still packs a solid punch when you twist the throttle.

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To test out the eFTR Jr., our eight-year-old hopped on and zipped around the cul-de-sac (on the low setting), and then really let ‘er rip in an empty grassy park in town. In low mode it tops out at about 10 mph, and on high mode it’s rated to 15 mph. The bike scrambled up and down mellow hills and handled tight corners and dirt paths with ease.

It was amazing how quickly our son took to it, and the ear-to-ear smile on his face was priceless. We originally thought he’d be timid, but after a few minutes with the throttle wide open, he figured out that the top speed wasn’t all that much faster than riding his bicycle at full blast.

indian eftr jr.
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The eFTR Jr. offers a high level of build quality, especially for a kid’s bike. It has double crown front forks and a monoshock rear suspension for a super buttery ride (on both pavement and dirt), front and rear disc brakes for accurate and responsive control, and excellent battery life (roughly 140 minutes on the low throttle setting and 65 minutes on high). It’s a rad way to ease youngsters into safe riding, and it gives parents a hands-on opportunity to explain the physics of motorcycles.

indian eftr jr
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As parents, we’ve had our fair share of seat time on all sorts of bikes, but the feeling of seeing that stoke on our son’s face was really special. And in between his runs on the bike, we even jammed around the park on the eFTR ourselves. (It’s rated to hold up to 175 pounds, but we’ve pushed that limit frequently with few-to-no issues). It feels a bit like a pit bike—but with boatloads more style.

indian eftr
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If you’re looking for the next toy to add to your family’s garage, then the Indian eFTR Jr. needs to be on your radar. Trust us, the smile on your kid’s face will be justification enough.

[Starting at $749;]


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