Cake Kalk AP Electric Motorcycle Supports Anti-Poaching Efforts in Africa

Cake Kalk AP Electric Motorcycle Supports Anti-Poaching Efforts in Africa

You probably know Cake for its lineup of electric dirt bikes, including the Kalk& and Kalk INK SL, which have made waves for their lively performance both on and off the pavement. Today, the Swedish electric motorcycle company added a new model to its growing lineup, and it has a lofty purpose. Cake is releasing just 50 Kalk AP bikes to the general public. When you buy one, you’ll not only get a bike for yourself—you’ll help support anti-poaching efforts in South Africa too.



The Kalk AP is the result of a partnership comprising Cake, the Southern African Wildlife College (SAWC), and solar power company Goal Zero. The SAWC, located just outside Kruger National Park, trains and deploys rangers (usually on motorcycles) to enforce anti-poaching laws. The idea: Electric motorcycles, on paper at least, are well-suited for anti-poaching work. This product launch aims to test that theory. At 25 grand, the Kalk AP is an expensive prospect, but keep in mind that your purchase includes a bike for the SAWC, along with a solar panel charger from Goal Zero to keep it juiced up while out in the wild.

It’s a unique partnership, and the electric motorcycle fills a very specific need for SAWC rangers. The gasoline-powered motorcycles they currently use have significant drawbacks: Keeping the bike fueled while patrolling remote areas presents a serious logistical challenge (and costs a lot of money), and the noise from gas engines often alerts poachers to the rangers’ presence, giving them time to avoid capture, according to an explainer video from Cake. A silent electric motorcycle paired with a solar panel to keep the batteries juiced up anywhere should solve both problems. The first Kalk AP bikes will arrive in South Africa later this year for testing, according to Cake.

As for the bike itself, the Kalk AP is based on the Kalk platform, but comes with a few tweaks to handle the rough terrain of the African bush. It features 18-inch rims (front and rear) with beefy 3.5-inch tires for added traction, a low-maintenance suspension, fenders and panels made from a biodegradable polymer, and drivetrain software that’s modified for more torque and a moderate top speed. You can get all the details and specs on the Cake website.


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