Burton is the Real Winner of the Inaugural Bernie Meme Frenzy

Burton is the Real Winner of the Inaugural Bernie Meme Frenzy

Of all the things to steal headlines on Inauguration Day, Bernie Sanders’ fashion choices was not expected to be one of them. But life is weird and Bernie showed up to the Capital steps in his finest Vermont winter casual.

The Internet wasted no time in making sure that Bernie’s look was immortalized as a viral sensation. In the past 24 hours, thousands of memes have been generated that cropped Bernie into everything from a New York City subway to the Last Supper.

The growing viral sensation quickly caught the attention of one outdoor adventure brand––Burton. The iconic snowboarding brand––founded by the late Jake Burton––quickly realized that Bernie was donning their GORE-TEX Edgecomb Down 3-in-1 Jacket. It wouldn’t take long for their social media director to capitalize on the situation and send out the perfect post on Instagram.

Social media followers were quick to acknowledge the marketing genius of the post. A comment from one IG user suggesting that Burton, “give your social media person a raise” has already received nearly 800 likes. While another user inquired about, “where can i get the bernie coat [right now]?”

Sure enough, this quick stroke of social media prowess paid dividends for Burton. The Edgecomb is completely sold out online and we’re willing to bet the jacket will be popular for quite some time––Halloween costume, anyone? However, you can get your hands on an Edgecomb if you head over to Ebay, but it’ll cost you over $400.

The jacket itself appears to offer a very functional design and with years of experience protecting snowboarders from the elements, we wouldn’t expect anything less from Burton. With weather in the 30s, a brisk wind and a few snow flurries in the area, it seems like Bernie made a very logical choice in outerwear.

As for those mittens? Those were gifted to Sanders by Vermont teacher Jen Ellis, who makes the mittens from repurposed wool sweaters that are lined with fleece made from recycled plastic bottles. Unfortunately, these one-of-a-kind mittens are not for sale.

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