Bring Fun Back To Online Dating With The Newly Launched App, Lantern

Bring Fun Back To Online Dating With The Newly Launched App, Lantern

Online Dating has become the go-to for people these days. Even before the last year forced people inside, the relationship game has made the shift to the web in a big way. But it’s lost a lot of the fun. Well, there’s a new app in town to make it a joy to look for a partner on the web. And that app is called Lantern.

Lantern is a newly launched app that is bringing a whole new style to the Online Dating game. Gone is the old way of thinking, swiping based on other users’ appearances. With the help of psychotherapy, a weighted algorithm, and gamification tech, Lantern is a breath of fresh air.

How does Lantern work? It does so by asking you a question. Something big, bold, and fun. Like a scenario you’d see in a movie. Then based on your answer, you’ll be paired up with someone who answered in a similar way. It’s a fun and bold way to break the ice, starting a potential relationship on a more interesting path.


The makers of Lantern came into the Online Dating world with real insight and a goal to shake things up. Founded by Caroline Gyllensporre and Yehuda Neuman, they started this app to bring excitement back to the world of meeting new people. All of which is backed by the deep and varied research done by Yehuda’s well-respected psychotherapist father, M Gary Neuman.

Using the work of such a legendary figure like M Gary Neuman, Lantern comes to the starting line packed with plenty of insight needed to make this an app worthwhile. Add in the design and functionality based elements that Caroline and Yehuda bring, this app is a gamechanger.

There are plenty of Online Dating apps one can download these days. But if you really want to change things up and have fun with it again, Lantern is for you. It’s available to download now with free and premium based subscriptions available. So check it out now and go on an adventure from the comfort of your home.

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