Brad Domke Attempts Skimboarding at Jaws in Hawaii

Brad Domke Attempts Skimboarding at Jaws in Hawaii

Big-wave surfing at Jaws is already one of the scariest activities a human being can partake in. The size and sheer power of these waves is hard to fathom, and attempting to harness that energy beneath one’s feet takes a certain type of person. But then there’s those folks who want to take it to the next level.

Brad Domke is one of those people. This weekend, he took his skimboard out during a maxed-out session at Jaws (Pe’ahi) and towed into a liquid mountain. Considering that skimboards have no fins and are built for the sand and shorebreak waves, his chances of success were very limited. To see how his experiment turned out, check out the clip above.

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