Best Trimmers for Every Body Part Beyond the Beard

Best Trimmers for Every Body Part Beyond the Beard

Tackling our own hair and beard trims has taught us one thing: Drugstore clippers with countless attachments can take one only so far. To nail the details, whether faded beard, presentable crotchal region, or pruned nostrils and neckline, the right supporting cast of dedicated trimmers can tackle hirsute tasks beyond a clipper or basic shaver’s ability. Here are the best trimmers for every body part.



1. Panasonic Body Trimmer

Best for: underarms, chest, and limbs

Without any of its three guards, Panasonic’s waterproof trimmer hovers 0.1mm above the skin, closely and safely snipping body hair. Its V-contoured head makes for a seamless shear under arms and glutes. Or alternate between the bare minimum and any of the graduated guard attachments for a more tailored trim around the chest, legs, feet, and everywhere between.


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2. Meridian Groin Trimmer

Best for: down-below

Prevent the painful nicks and cuts that often occur in sensitive territory below the belt with this safely spaced trimmer head. Still, it’s tough enough to mow through the coarsest of pubes. It even comes with two guard attachments for landscaping jobs up to 12mm, if you simply want to trim the hedges.


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3. Bevel Lineup Trimmer + Detailer

Best for: straight lines, around the face

Whether it’s a fresh shape-up between barber visits, or simply drawing straight edges across the cheek, Bevel’s trimmer keeps your growth looking intentional and styled. Swap in the T-Blade head for all-over trimming and any beard-fading fancywork. Leave hair fades to the pros, even if they might also reach for this faceted-grip precision tool.


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4. Wahl Detailing Trimmer

Best for: eyebrows, nostrils, neckline

One errant slip while cleaning up eyebrows with an ordinary beard trimmer can deliver months of mortification. That’s why Wahl’s compact detailer is an essential for any Dopp kit: It precisely manicures eyebrows and is a perfect toucher-upper for bushy mustaches, too. Swap in the nose trimmer to root out unsightly strays, or the longer head for easy neckline fuzz maintenance.


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5. Philips Norelco Multigroom 9000

Best for: face, head, body

The DualCut technology in this 25-piece multigroomer allows the blades to sharpen themselves as they work. Philips Norelco claims that the blades will be as sharp after 5 years of use as they were on day one. The lithium-ion rechargeable battery delivers six hours of uninterrupted trimming time.


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