Best International TV Series to Stream Right Now

Best International TV Series to Stream Right Now

We’re not the only country with binge-worthy spies and cops. These international TV series are worth the subtitles if you’re looking for some overseas action.



3 Bingeable International TV Series Worth the Subtitles

1. Deutschland 89

From: Germany

Summary: Check in on East German agent Martin Rauch as his side of the Berlin Wall nears collapse in 1989.

Why watch: QAnon? Ha! Revisit a time when everyone was legitimately paranoid.

How to watch: Stream on Hulu

Trapped Courtesy Image

2. Trapped

From: Iceland

Summary: Police find a dismembered body, exposing a sinister side of the country the tourism board doesn’t promote.

Why watch: It out-Fargos Fargo: more snow, more gruesome, more deadpan.

How to watch: Stream on Amazon Prime

Fauda Courtesy Image

3. Fauda

From: Israel

Summary: An Israeli agent un-retires to find a Hamas terrorist he thought he’d already killed, casting us into a world where tense showdowns set up super-tense showdowns.

Why watch: Sometimes you need a break from the stress in your life by watching a show that’s insanely stressful.

How to watch: Stream on Netflix

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