Best Home Stationary Bikes of 2021: From $500 to $2,500

Best Home Stationary Bikes of 2021: From $500 to $2,500

Not to sound dramatic, but home stationary bikes are drastically improving millions of lives—and it’s time you pony up. In the dark days of winter, there’s a fat chance you’ll leave the warm embrace of your bed to brave a biting wind chill—be it on foot or bike. Live in a state with suffocating humidity come summer? It’s a hell of a lot easier to blast through a HIIT or hills workout in the comfort of air conditioning.



Weather aside, most modern-day home stationary bikes are incredibly adaptive and appealing. These aren’t the hunks of metal you ignored every time you stepped foot in the gym. Or machine strictly consigned to those in need of physical therapy. No, sir. These bikes fill voids for all types of exercisers.

If you’re not the most active but want to get some cardio in while you answer emails or watch TV? There’s a bike for you. Do you double as an amateur triathlete on the weekends? You’ll find your road bike’s companion. Just want a pared-down bike without the bells and whistles of a Peloton? We’ve got your trusty steed.

Peruse our list of the eight best home stationary bikes to buy right now. And trust us when we say there’s something powerful about having workout equipment in your home that lets you get in a quick 20-minute workout on days you’d otherwise skip it.

The Best Home Stationary Bikes From $500 to $2,500

Bowflex VeloCore Bike Courtesy Image

1. Bowflex VeloCore

They call it (un)stationary; we call it genius: This bike offers both a conventional stationary setting and a leaning mode, in which the bike shifts from side to side to imitate the feel of hitting the pavement. Choose from a 16-inch ($1,700) or 22-inch HD screen console ($2,200), from which you can stream a diverse lineup of guided and adaptive workouts through the JRNY platform (membership is required; $149 per year or $20 per month). If you need a break from motivational instruction, zone out with Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hulu through integration with your personal subscriptions.

[From $1,700;]

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Bowflex C6  
Bowflex C6 Courtesy Image

2. Bowflex C6

There are many reasons to love this stationary bike: It’s whisper-quiet, offers 100 micro-adjustable resistance levels, and, well, it just looks badass. For less than half the price of a Peloton bike, you can still partake in their classes through the Peloton app, Zwift, Explore the World, and more via phone, tablet, or smart TV.


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NordicTrack S22i Studio Cycle
NordicTrack S22i Studio Cycle Courtesy Image

3. NordicTrack S22i Studio Cycle

Take advantage of all the iFit training platform has to offer—guided rides in spectacularly scenic locations around the world, live studio classes, along with off-machine workouts in strength training, yoga, and more—especially the entire course of the Tour de France if you’re feeling really ambitious. Interactive technology lets the app automatically adjust your resistance, incline, and decline, so you feel like you’re conquering steep terrain or hill work in real life. The 22-inch HD touchscreen also swivels for easy viewing for your off-bike lifting session (or download the app to your smart TV, tablet, or phone). A one-year iFit family membership with up to five user profiles is included with your purchase.


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NordicTrack Commercial R35 Recumbent Bike
NordicTrack Commercial R35 Recumbent Bike Courtesy Image

4. NordicTrack Commercial R35 Recumbent Bike

Hey, there’s no shame in preferring the recumbent exercise bike experience. Keep your back and glutes happy with a roomy seat and substantial back support without compromising on a quality workout. We like the sleek 15-inch HD touchscreen, and the automatic trainer control for hands-free, guided workouts on the iFit platform; you don’t have to futz around with tweaking the (26) resistance levels. Like the S22i Studio Cycle, a one-year iFit family membership is included. Time to hit up Moab for those mountain views or Lake Tahoe for some waterfront beauty.


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SoulCycle At-Home Bike
SoulCycle At-Home Bike Courtesy Image

5. SoulCycle At-Home Bike

SoulCycle groupies can get their fix at home with this upmarket matte black bike that takes you right back into studio life (the brand’s signature candle not included). Opt among live, on-demand, or freestyle classes, and challenge yourself to PR. Your stats are displayed on the 21-inch touchscreen. Classes are hosted through the Equinox+ app, which runs $39.99 per month, but also gives you access to Rumble, Equinox, [solidcore] pilates, TB12, and more top-notch virtual fitness classes. Recently, Equinox+ and the SoulCycle at-home bike launched Amazon Prime streaming integration should you need to binge Billions while you pedal.


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Decathlon Domyos EB 500 
Decathlon Domyos EB 500 Courtesy Image

6. Decathlon Domyos EB 500

For a spinning studio-style bike at a steep discount, your best bet is this smartly designed and ultra-stable stationary bike, complete with a comfortable, multi-position saddle and handlebar, silent belt drive to keep things quiet, and pedals made with toe clips for enhanced support. The basic console tracks time, distance, speed, and RPM (revolutions per minute), and you can also throw your phone or tablet holder into a slot up-front to stream guided rides on your favorite apps or entertainment of your choice.


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Life Fitness IC6 Indoor Cycle
Life Fitness IC6 Indoor Cycle Courtesy Image

7. Life Fitness IC6 Indoor Cycle

This stationary bike does a damn good job of imitating the real deal with a smooth pedaling experience, customizable handlebars, and a comfortable padded saddle. The self-powered machine—which harnesses energy as you ride to recharge the bike’s integrated battery—showcases the brand’s WattRate console, displaying watts, heart rate, RPM, exercise duration, and resistance level. Splurge for the $278 accessories bundle for a dumbbell set, dumbbell holder, mat, and device tray for streaming entertainment and workouts from your smartphone or tablet.


Peloton Bike+
Peloton Bike+ Courtesy Image

8. Peloton Bike+

This top-of-the-line bike lives up to the hype, and then some. In our deputy editor’s full review, she says it’s “an interactive, engaging piece of equipment that provides exceptional cardio and strength workouts without leaving home.” The bike itself features a 23.8-inch HD touchscreen that rotates 180 degrees, so you can swivel it as needed when you hop off during a Bootcamp class, or do a dedicated strength class. Digital membership will run you $13 a month, and includes live classes as well as the on-demand library of cardio, strength, stretching, and yoga classes—all guided by instructors who put the B in getting down to Business.

[from $2,495;]

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