Afterlife’ Clip Reveals Devious Mini Marshmallows

Afterlife' Clip Reveals Devious Mini Marshmallows

Of all the ghouls and demons that appear on screen in the Ghostbusters franchise, none is more iconic than the hundred-foot-tall Stay-Puft marshmallow man, who made his terrifying debut in the original Ghostbusters. Today, fans of the haunted marshmallow received some good news: A new clip for the upcoming film Ghostbusters: Afterlife features a devious gang of Mini-Pufts (pint-sized versions of the giant Stay-Puft man) causing all kinds of trouble in a grocery store.



The clip opens with Paul Rudd, who plays a Ghostbusters-obsessed teacher in Oklahoma, casually wandering through the store to pick up some ice cream. As he passes through the sweets aisle, a bag of Stay-Puft marshmallows suddenly starts to move, and a miniature Stay-Puft man bursts through the plastic. At first, he looks like a cute, friendly version of his haunted forebear, but looks are deceiving—he promptly bites Rudd’s character on the finger.

And watch out, because this evil marshmallow has lots of friends. You can check out the full clip in the video above.

The latest addition to the Ghostbusters series, Ghostbusters: Afterlife follows a mother, Callie, who moves with her two kids to her father’s old farmhouse in Summerville, OK, after being evicted from their home in New York City. Her dad, it turns out, was one of the original Ghostbusters, and he has some old ghost-fighting equipment stashed away on the farm.

When the kids bring the gear to Rudd’s character, Mr. Grooberson, he tells them about the Ghostbusters—and soon, the small town is rocked with paranormal activity.

The new film includes plenty of references to the original ’80s movies, and features some of the original cast, too: Bill Murray and Dan Ackroyd will both have small roles in the film. In addition, Jason Reitman, the son of the original Ghostbusters director Ivan Reitman, is directing this installment.

It was originally slated for a summer 2020 premiere, but that was delayed due to COVID-19. The new film will make its debut in theaters on November 11, 2021, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

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